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Monterrasol Travel: about us. Why we love travel by car.

Welcome to the world of multiday car tours !

Who we are?

First of all, we really enjoy what we do!

We are a small european company working in tourism area that specializes in multiday road trips. Thanks to the knowledge and experience we have gained through the years, we offer small group tours and private tours, up to 6 people.

We love to work with solo travelers, couples, seniors and families. In our private tours, we do not mix strangers with our group.

If you plan your next tour with us, you will visit not only all must-see attractions but also the hidden gems off the beaten path.

The founders of the company, a young couple, have a true passion for travelling, specificly car travelling. As couple, with their own car, they have visited each and every country in Europe, from Greece to Russia and Finland, and from Portugal to Ukraine. Their travel experience extends beyond Europe.

Their experiences, adventures and a genuine wish to share the same kind of journeys and beautiful destinations with people around them became the main reasons why this company was established.

We, at Monterrasol Travel, specializes in customized private and small group multiday car tours across Central Europe, with primary focus in the Balkans and Greece, all year round. We believe, each country have own beauty regardless of time of year. So, the classic summertime holidays can be extended or shifted with travels in spring, autumn and even winter.

April, May, September and October are becoming a prime months for off-season travel since warmer temperatures are extending peak season. So many countries are now listing them as great times and some even say best months to visit. This is particularly true when traveling along the Mediterranean.

If you consider off-season travel to avoid the summer masses and beat the heat, do not hesitate to contact us!

We believe that the clients must really enjoy each destination, without a rush, stress and tight schedule that regretably the big groups traveling in classic large buses, mandatory have.

Based on that principle, we offer to travel in small group, private or not, in a classic confortable van.

We listen the wishes and suggestions of our clients. So, even already on the road, we can re-arrange the original itinerary, and for example, stay more or less days, in some specific location, if this is convenient and what our client wants.

Overall, we want that everybody who decides to travel with us, feel welcome, comfortable and with enough freedom to aboard any kind of question or request. You can be sure, that we will do our best to fulfill your wish.

With us, you are free to choose not only where your tour will start, and where it will finish; but also how long it will take. Our car, the tour leader and the driver will be dedicated only to you and to listening what you would like to explore in your journey and in what you are really interested in. We want that you truly enjoy each destination we visit.

We want that you really experience and feel how amazing the sights and attractions could be when you have the time to enjoy them and admire them as should be. Our clients always will return home with the feeling that they truly have enjoyed all the places we visit.

Regardless that our specialization is the Balkan Peninsula (Southeast Europe), particularly Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania, our customized car tours are not limited to these countries. We are glad to provide tours in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Europe, the Iberian Peninsula and even Russia.

Any question? Any comment? Any special request? Please feel free to contact us! We will respond you in 24 hours or less.

Last updated on: 21 October 2019

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