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Monterrasol Travel: tours conditions. What generally each tour include and exclude. Languages used within tours.

Here on this page we accumulate some general information related to tours we offers.

Generally, our tours included:

  • transport with driver
  • transport in minivan with air conditioner
  • tour director all time with you
  • transportation for your group only, no foreigners
  • accommodation in *** hotels or pensions
  • accommodation in double rooms
  • accommodation with breakfast only
  • english spoken driver and tour director


Generally, our tours not included:

  • lunch and dinner
  • accommodation in single rooms
  • hotel tourist tax
  • professional tour guide
  • entry fees and tickets
  • flights tickets
  • travel insurance
  • country visas


The sequence of visits may slightly change at any time in accordance with the opening hours of the sites and museums. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 


Amount of people in tour group

We at Monterrasol Travel deal only with small group tours, private or not private. Gererally, all tours we offer are for group 2 to 5 people. Some short tours, usually summer tours up to 5 days, can take 6 people. The size of group is limited by luggage people can bring. We count that every person will have 1 suitcase and 1 handbag. Under that conditions to the car comfortable fit no more than 5 people with described luggage. On the long tours like 2 or 3 weeks or more, with large suitcases and some additional bags, better to form a group with 4 people maximum.

Under the condition of special price we can provide tours of any duration for a single person. Such tour is considered as private tour for single person, and so have a higher price. 


Languages from our side

As was said, english spoken driver and tour director with be with you. Depend on conditions, tours, free time and your request, on the tour with you can be native speaker of spanish or russian languages, with good level of english at the same time, of course. Some base knowledge of additional languages, such as italian, french, portuguese, czech, serbian, croatian can be also, depend on people who will be with you from us. Everything above is for free. Other languages as well as native or near native level of additional languages from list above can be provided on request, subject to availability, at an extra charge. Please request it in proper time.

Please keep in mind, professional tour guide must be hired on place, if need. What that's mean? For example, our group is arrived to Mycenae, a UNESCO archeological place. There are their own certified guides on the place. No other person except a certified guide for Mycenae, is allowed to guide. This is monitored by local security and so called tourist policy people.


For people with kinetic / physical disabilities

Our tours involves walking on irregular, uneven or inclined surfaces. It is hard to follow for people with kinetic/physical disabilities. Our driver will help in normal human manner, but driver js just a driver. We at Monterrasol are not equipped to escort Tour Participants with extreme difficulty in personal mobility. If you need your dedicated helper person, you need to bring this person with you.

There are occasions where the entrance of the hotels/sites is not accessible to vehicles. Where these restrictions apply, drivers will drop and collect the clients from the nearest accessible point and clients will need to walk back and forth between the vehicle and the hotel/site.

Generally, the Tour Participants must be able to walk at least three city blocks level distance unassisted and without stopping. Tour participants must be able to lift their leg to a height of at least 41 cm (16 inches). This is required not only to get in and out of the van with ease, but also to be able to get in and out of bathtub and shower combinations, which are the most common type of facility in European hotels and inns. Some archeological sites also have toll steps.


Travel insurance

The Tour Participants must have health, accident and/or liability insurance that covers them in Europe. Each Tour Participant should check with a personal physician regarding the intention to pursue international travel. Each Tour Participant should check with an insurer to determine whether the Tour Participant has a policy which provides coverage during foreign travel. The Tour Participants should bring with them copies of insurance documents or a letter from an insurance agent certifying insurance coverage for hospitalization in the countries included in the Itinerary in case there is a need for medical services for any reason.



Last updated on: 21 March 2020

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