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Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neum highlights

Neum is a resort town on the Adriatic Sea coast in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the only seaside resort in the country. With its long warm summers and short mild winters, it is considered to be one of the coastal towns with the greatest number of sunny days in the year. Neum is very convenient for tourists, because of its proximity to major tourism destinations in Croatia.

Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Monterrasol private tours to Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Travel agency offers custom private car tours to see Neum in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Order custom private tour to Neum with departure date on request.
Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Other places we know in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Jablanica - Known for lake, landmark, monument, river.

Jajce - Known for fortress, medieval old town, waterfall.

Ključ (Kljuc) - Known for fortress, medieval old town, park.

Konjic - Known for bridge, river.

Kravica - Known for park, waterfall.

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Maglaj - Known for fortress, historical center, islam mosque.

Međugorje (Medjugorje) - Known for catholic pilgrimage center.

Mostar - Known for bridge, historical center, medieval old town. UNESCO World Heritage.

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Travnik - Known for architecture, fortress, historical center, river.

Trebinje - Known for architecture, medieval old town, orthodox cathedral.

Tvrdoš (Tvrdos) - Known for orthodox monastery.

Velika Kladuša (Velika Kladusa) - Known for fortress.

Vjetrenica - Known for cave.

Vranduk - Known for fortress, historical center.

Zavala - Known for orthodox monastery.

Last updated on: 30 March 2020

Neum description

Neum is a town and municipality located in Herzegovina-Neretva region of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (one of the two political entities that compose Bosnia and Herzegovina). It is the only town to be situated along Bosnia and Herzegovina's 20 km of coastline, making it the country's only access to the Adriatic Sea, on the rugged coastal area along the main road between Dubrovnik and Makarska. The Neum corridor gives Bosnia and Herzegovina a shorter coastline than any other nation on earth aside from Monaco. Neum is about 60 kilometers from Dubrovnik, 80 km from Mostar and 65 from Međugorje. Neum has two border crossing checkpoints with Croatia on the Adriatic Highway which connects the two parts of Croatia's Dalmatian coast. The Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunny days during the year makes it an attractive tourist destination throughout the year. The Herzegovinian cuisine and different seafood specialties make up only a small portion of the rich gastronomic offer found here. Neum has steep hills, sandy beaches, and several large tourist hotels. Prices tend to be lower than in neighboring Croatia, making it popular with shoppers and with travelers who seek good value for their money. Popular activities include swimming and sun bathing, beach-going, boating, and various other water-sports. The hinterland of Neum has a rich archaeological history and untouched wilderness, with plenty of olive plantations and vineyards, is an ideal place for those who enjoy agrotourism. The richness and diversity of the cultural and historical heritage of Neum and the idyllic hinterland is evidenced by many visible archaeological sites from various historical periods.

Neum related tours

We at Monterrasol Travel welcome you to see Neum during multi-day private car tour. Contact us if you would like to customize your tour to Neum.

We have developed several tours that visiting this beautiful place. But, if you have a special conditions or any from these tours fit you, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can organize a tour exactly as you would like. And remember, we have no problems to take you from almost any place where you stay, hotel or private accommodation.

All season 2 days Bosnia discovery tour from Dubrovnik. Discover Bosnia and Dubrovnik Riviera. Trebinje, Tvrdos monastery, cave.

tour start in: Dubrovnik, Croatia

tour finish in: Dubrovnik, Croatia

tour duration: 2 days (1 nights)

tour countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina

tour destinations: Neum, Trebinje, Tvrdoš, Vjetrenica, Zavala

Discover in short all season 2 days tour Bosnia & Herzegovina and Dubrovnik Riviera. Visit Trebinje, known for its old town and beautiful cathedral. Close to Trebinje is located old orthodox monastery Tvrdos which we will visit also. On next day visit Vjetrenica cave and Zavala monastery. Return back by scenic road along Adriatic sea. At summer season on way back stop on beautiful beach for refresh.


2 days

Price from € 195


All seasons best of Bosnia 3 days discovery tour from Korcula. Old town Mostar, Kravice waterfalls, Zavala monastery, fortified town Počitelj.

tour start in: Korčula (Korcula), Croatia

tour finish in: Korčula (Korcula), Croatia

tour duration: 3 days (2 nights)

tour countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia

tour destinations: Blagaj, Kravica, Međugorje, Mostar, Neum, Počitelj, Stolac, Ston, Vjetrenica, Zavala

All seasons discovery of Bosnia from Korcula: old towns, fortresses, monasteries, cave. Visit old town Mostar, walk in Blagaj dervish monastery, walk and watch wonderful Kravice natural park with waterfalls, visit pilgrimage center Medjugorje, admire old christian monastery in Zavala together with unique natural karst cave, climb by narrow streets of medieval fortified town Počitelj, take panoramic images from hilly fortress Stolac. At summer time we also will stop on some beautiful beach to refresh in the sea of Adriatic. This tour will have slightly differ route at summer or winter time due to border controls limitations.


3 days

Price from € 412


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