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Tešanj (Tesanj), Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tešanj (Tesanj) highlights

Tešanj castle is located in the town Tešanj, on the territory of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Tešanj castle was built in the center of Tešanj, on a steep and rocky hill, along the river, and known as a medieval and Ottoman fortress. Currently, Tešanj Castle is one of the most significant and biggest castles in Bosnia, with an area of 6,296 square meters.

Tešanj (Tesanj), Bosnia and Herzegovina - Monterrasol private tours to Tešanj (Tesanj), Bosnia and Herzegovina. Travel agency offers custom private car tours to see Tešanj (Tesanj) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Order custom private tour to Tešanj (Tesanj) with departure date on request.
Tešanj (Tesanj), Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monterrasol private car tours to
Tešanj (Tesanj), Bosnia and Herzegovina - Monterrasol private tours to Tešanj (Tesanj), Bosnia and Herzegovina. Travel agency offers custom private car tours to see Tešanj (Tesanj) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Order custom private tour to Tešanj (Tesanj) with departure date on request.
Tešanj (Tesanj), Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monterrasol private car tours to

Other places we know in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Ključ (Kljuc) - Known for fortress, medieval old town, park.

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Kravica - Known for park, waterfall.

Lukomir - Known for ethno, viewpoint.

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Travnik - Known for architecture, fortress, historical center, river.

Trebinje - Known for architecture, medieval old town, orthodox cathedral.

Tvrdoš (Tvrdos) - Known for orthodox monastery.

Velika Kladuša (Velika Kladusa) - Known for fortress.

Vjetrenica - Known for cave.

Zavala - Known for orthodox monastery.

Last updated on: 10 March 2020

Tešanj (Tesanj) description

The foundation of Tešanj castle was started even before the Romans conquered the region. Initially, in this place the Illyrians (group of Indo-European tribes in antiquity, who inhabited part of the western Balkans) had their own fortress, which was demolished by the Romans and built their refugium.

After, fortress was enhanced by the Romans, Slavs and the Ottoman forces. Tešanj castle has been primarily a defensive fortification. The first mentioned was on March 23, 1461, in a letter from Pope Pius II to the Vatican Archives.

The Hungarian army, after the Ottoman invasion of Srebrenik in 1520, fled and destroyed the city Tešanj on the run. At the end of the 17th century it again played a very important role and was then renovated and modernly established. At the beginning of the 18th century, a new, lower part of the city was built. The place was abandoned in 1840. In World War II, the Germans used the fort as a bunker.

Tešanj castle is a national monument of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Tešanj (Tesanj) related tours

We at Monterrasol Travel welcome you to see Tešanj (Tesanj) during multiday private car tour. Contact us if you would like to customize your tour to Tešanj (Tesanj).

We have developed several tours that visiting this beautiful place. But, if you have a special conditions or any from these tours fit you, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can organize a tour exactly as you would like. And remember, we have no problems to take you from almost any place where you stay, hotel or private accommodation.

Out of season 12 days panoramic tour from Tivat to discover Bosnia and Montenegro. Explore the best in Bosnia and Montenegro.

tour start in: Tivat, Montenegro

tour finish in: Tivat, Montenegro

tour duration: 11 days (10 nights)

tour countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

tour destinations: Bar, Blagaj, Budva, Dajbabe, Doboj, Jajce, Kotor, Kravica, Maglaj, Međugorje, Mostar, Nikšić, Ostrog, Perast, Podgorica, Počitelj, Sarajevo, Stolac, Tešanj, Trebinje, Tvrdoš, Vjetrenica, Zavala

During this out of season 12 days tour we going to explore 2 countries, Montenegro and Bosnia&Herzegovina. This tour is panoramic, to explore the most important places and towns of both countries. We will pick you up in Tivat, small town with airport in Montenegro. Within this tour we will visit UNESCO town Kotor, cute coastal village Perast, meet Trebinje, the southernmost town of Bosnia&Herzegovina, visit old monastery Tvrdoš; on the way to historic town Mostar we will travel through and see fortress Stolac, dervish monastery Blagaj, and another one old monastery built in partially in cave; we will visit natural beauty Kravica waterfalls, fortified town Pocitelj built in 13th century; we will visit 4 medieval fortresses: Jajce, Tešanj, Doboj and Maglaj, and each one played important rolee in the history of Bosnia&Herzegovina; we will walk in the capital of Bosnia&Herzegovina, multicultural city Sarajevo; on the territory of Montenegro we will visit famous Ostrog monastery built in along the vertical cliff, and another one old small monastery with unusual frescoes located in cave; we will walk in streets of ancient town Old Bar, and before we finish our tour in Tivat, we will meet coastal town Budva, full of many narrow streets surrounded by stone walls.


11 days

Price from € 1,453


Balkans castles tour 13 days. Visit 17 castles & fortresses in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia. All seasons cultural tour across 3 countries.

tour start in: Budapest, Hungary

tour finish in: Budapest, Hungary

tour duration: 13 days (12 nights)

tour countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary

tour destinations: Banja Luka, Bory, Doboj, Dubovac, Gradačac, Keszthely, Ključ, Medvedgrad, Ostrovica, Ostrožac, Ozora, Siklós, Srebrenik, Szigliget, Sümeg, Tešanj, Trakošćan, Varaždin, Velika Kladuša, Veliki Tabor, Zagreb

Balkans castles tour in 13 days. With this tour we going to visit 5 castles located in Hungary, 5 castles located in Croatia, together with historical center of Zagreb, and 3 castles and 4 fortresses in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Most of the sites are national monuments in own countries. Most of them dated back to 15-16 centuries and everyone have rich history.


13 days

Price from € 2,170


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